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UK’s Star newspaper reports of a man who is to be more or less the country’s “test case” for Segway laws. Apparently a Mr. Coates of Barnsley was cited both for driving his Seg on the pedestrian pavement (in the UK, ‘pavement’ often refers to what US folks call the ‘sidewalk’), as well as for driving it on the roads. He’s probably bound for trouble one way or the other, depending on how the judge rules.

As a side note, The Star asserts that Segways “are all the rage in America”, which is at best a major exaggeration (personally, I haven’t seen one in use in the last year by anyone but Boris Diaw and the banker assigned to write up my home refinancing papers). Then again, I’m sure that many local US papers print similarly unfounded assertions about what is all the rage in the UK, so we’ll call it even for now.

We know the police are using them in New York City, specifically in Central Park, where vehicles are much more of a burden when there are crowds of people on the walkways. Just so you know, even bicycles are banned now in Central Park, except on the roadways, so the Seg is probably in an environment that is quite suitable – quiet operation, no emissions, etc. Jessup claims he saw a princess riding one with a police escort. Exactly how he knows this was a princess is another story, but he claims he could tell by her dress! The US is a strange place indeed.

Speaking of strange places, here’s another anecdote from the US, a man named Matthew Creede is petitioning the Houston City Council to overturn the city’s ban on driving Segways (to be fair, any vehicle) in local parks. He’s not oblivious to the opposition’s position, however. “The parks are just trying to do their job,” says Creede. “They’re trying to figure out exactly what a Segway is.”

We’re a bit confused, as you might be able to tell. Is it an animal, vegetable, fruit, and what differentiates it from a princess in a princess dress? And if it’s a princess is the princess dress a requirement? And if not, what does Segway have to do with it all? Questions, questions, questions!

As soon as we figure it out, we’ll be sure to let you know.

PS: We did figure out what a princess dress is. You can find princess dresses in all forms at! we’re city dudes and seeing princesses in dresses is not entirely out of line with reality, no matter what the occasion. Prince or princess, you’ve got to dress the role, don’t you? Not sure the Segway comes with it, or even if the Seg is in any way connected to the royalty, but even so we feel we’re making progress.

(But we still are unclear as to exactly how to classify the Segway)

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