The great Seg

I was at a friends house one day enjoying a social stop when I noticed a great little device in the corner. It was, you guessed it, a Segway which gets it’s name from the word segue meaning to transition smoothly. I asked my friend about the odd device not knowing much & he agreed to give me a demonstration. He began by stepping up onto the device & moving it easily into the middle of the room. It was a simple feat for him but I was amazed at how smooth it worked. I explained that I thought it was a novel concept, very fun but not good for many practical uses. He disagreed but I explained my opinion was that it would only be good for moving around a very localized area & that it probably could not do anything faster than without it’s use. He explained he used the equipment for many practical reasons & that I would likely be amazed at the utility of the personal vehicle.

He agreed to a little contest. I told him I felt that I could easily take care of my next errand, running to the convenience store for several items, much faster & more efficiently than he could complete the same chore. I needed some soda, water & snacks so we agreed to a shopping list & both left the house at the same time. I thought I had the advantage because I knew I could jump over the wall of the apartments & he would have to go around. Let me tell you. I hustled as fast as I could & it was probably a half mile or more to the store then we had to shop & make the return trip with the items. I beat him to the store but only by a minute or two & we purchased the same items including a gallon of water & a 12 pack of soda.

I checked out first & started back first. I was confident at that point that I would win but he was out the door & on my heels fast. I hurried but strained to carry all of the items & he passed me quickly. I knew I could hop the wall so I still did not hurry too much. When I got to the wall I had to stack everything up on the wall hop over & grab it again. This takes some time as you imagine especially when you are tired. When I collected all of my items & got back to the apartment not only did my friend already arrived with his items nut he had parked the device back where I had first seen it & was sitting comfortably on the couch enjoying a beverage.