The great Seg Part II

When I got back to his place, he was comfortably sitting on the couch having a drink I was astounded and had to find out more. First I would like to reiterate that we only had 1 to 1.5 miles to travel and he beat me by a good amount which leads me to assume that if it were a longer trip he would easily be able to widen that gap a lot. I was also able to jump the wall a fact that I did not elude to when the deal was struck. He said that the SEGt was capable of going much greater distances and that he did not particularly hurry to beat me. I asked him to give me a hands-on lesson. This time when he pulled the SEG out we took it outside and he let me try it out. I must admit that the SEG was not nearly as easy as he made it seem the first time I saw him use the SEG, but after practicing for a little while I got the hang of it better. We are good friends so I left my car at his place and took off with this new fascinating toy.

First I started kind of slow. I did not know what it was capable of, but I wanted to be careful to ensure I returned it in one piece. I took the SEG around the complex to begin with.  After I went once around the apartments and felt more comfortable, I took it out onto the sidewalk. The SEG was so much fun. M

My step-aunt in Australia recently e-mailed me about the hilarious first time she tried a Segway Tour. Apparently she had taken her grandchildren to the Sydney Olympic Park and there are Segway Tours for the whole family. Since the minimum age for children was 9 years, everyone could go, so “Gramma” had not excuse to stay with the younger ones. My step aunt is always up for an adventure so she agreed. Suffice to say she was a good sport and had a blast, once she got “it.”

Now back to my own adventure. I only intended to ride it for a minute around his place but I ended up taking it for quite some time. I went back to the convenience store which was on the way to my house. I grabbed a drink because I just left all of my soda’s at his house before I left. It was easy, even opening the doors to the store & getting inside seemed to be no great task. When I left the store I took the Segway to my house.