The great Seg Part III

I figured my girlfriend would like very much to take a look as well. At first she said she was too busy researching moving companies that could transport her folk’s household stuff from Las Vegas to California. I eventually convinced her to take a break. Finally she tried the SEG out a bit, but was distracted with her moving company research and did not seem to enjoy playing with the SEG nearly as much as me so I headed back over to my friends house.

It was on my way back that I received a call from him asking if I was alright. You see, he only thought I was going for a few minutes as well. I explained how I was so fascinated I took it home, but also told him I was on my was back to his house. He was laughing when I returned. He said he did not know I would get such a kick out of it, but he admitted to having a similar reaction when the SEG was new to him.

Now some Information about the Segway:

Segways have become ever more popular since their arrival on the scene. They have a great many uses in commercial & industrial businesses but also have earned much praise for personal use. It seems that they are taking over in a big way. It is a very handy tool but many people see them as much more than that.

Segways are a fantastic idea & they have a small chance at changing the way the whole world works. That chance is slim but the idea is not far fetched for those of us with the vision to see it. Imagine a world where everybody have their own personal transportation device. Getting around would be simple & convenient. They are environmentally much more friendly than automobiles & are smaller & more maneuverable so they can go many places a car cannot. Don’t be surprised if soon you see a whole wave of these vehicles hit the road so to speak. Chances are you’ve either used one yourself or at least seen one used & in the future you will see it more & more often.

We know that this is an emerging technology but we foresee many iterations in the future that will make the usefulness multiply and with every advance for professional use I am quite sure there will be another advance made for the flip side of the coin as well. Where will they end up? Nobody really knows but I for one sure do look forward to finding out exactly where we are headed with all of this. Only time will tell for sure so we must wait to find out I guess…