What’s Next for Segway?

The EN-V Project refers to “a vision for transportation in 2030”. For me, this begs the question: will we have to wait that long to buy one? A better question is, will it be longer for one that does not suck?

I am really missing something important here. For decades, masses of people have recognized that our current transportation system is critically flawed. The impact of automobile culture has been devastating on many levels, including pollution from emissions, the rape of the natural landscape, and simple issues of congestion. We knew this halfway through last century, and yet the debate still drags on…

The best minds of industry have obviously decided that more R&D is called for, more ‘next year’s prototypes’ must be unveiled, and more money and time must be wasted before we do what the people of our parents’ or grandparents’ generation had sufficient time, money, and motivation to do.

In the coming years you can expect to see more & more of the Segway line of products. There are several new ideas for vehicles being explored. Some of them are just ideas but several of them are viable plans in the making. We like to think there is much room in the market for this product. It may have started as a novel concept but the more often we see people using them in day to day life the further in the past we leave some of the stigma that came with the equipment when they first arrived on the scene. There are many varied users now of Segways & they are a loyal group of people who have supported the project from the beginning by buying new & upgrading often to the new technology. To those people we would like to offer our most heartfelt appreciation. You are awesome & we literally could not have come anywhere near as far as we have without each & every one of you. Please continue your support as we walk through the next decade together. We will try to continue to take strides in the same direction we have in the past. We want walk into the future making improvements to the earth & if we continue to use the same dated forms of technology we have previously then we are choosing to continue hurting the planet rather than help it. With our product you can nearly eliminate the need for a vehicle. In many circumstances you can get rid of the need for a vehicle altogether. There are even new multi seated Segways coming to the market which will expand the way we think about the brand exponentially. We like to see the future as a place where our environmentally friendly personal vehicle plays a huge role.